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11 April 2006 @ 09:06 pm
Aftermath Application  
To apply for a character in Aftermath, simply comment on this post with the following information:

Main Livejournal
AIM Screen Name:

Character for which you are applying:
Character Livejournal:
Character's personality/history:
Character's affiliation: (Shinra, WRO, Avalanche, or none.)*
A Sample Entry: (Please write a short piece - over a 100 words - from your character's perspective. It can be third person or first person. Please try to be as in character as possible.)

*Note: The organization with which your character is affiliated can change throughout the game, as your character grows and lives through various experiences.
a_hollow_heart on August 22nd, 2006 05:37 pm (UTC)
I'll try to post Jenova later today. (:

Name/Nickname: Exxie
Main Livejournal: lunaticthirteen
AIM Screen Name: pretty like sin
Character for which you are applying: Doctor Xiaozhi "Z" Hojo. There might be two people left in the entire world allowed to call him "Z". Anyone else who tries it might find themselves strapped down to a lab table.
Character Livejournal: a_hollow_heart
Character's personality/history: Let's be honest, here---Z is a bitch. A complete, cold-blooded, scalpel-waving, needle-wielding, note-taking bastard. He likes it that way; means people leave him the hell alone. Which is good, because then he has plenty of time to do his research, or conduct his experiments.. or whatever it is he does with his free time. Who knows? I certainly don't. And I write him, so that's really impressive. You go, Z.

Anyway, besides being an asshole on a regular basis, he really doesn't like humans. As a general rule, in fact, he thinks they're completely ruining the planet, are aberrations of nature, and wouldn't mind if they all dropped dead one day. Himself included---I never said that he was particularly fond of living. He just kind of does it because it's habit. And well, who's going to further science if he doesn't? So yeah, I guess he does kind of want to keep on ticking.

He is cruel in a way that is almost casual, as if it is so second-nature to him that he doesn't even think about it. And that's not terribly surprising, considering how fast he was forced to grow up, and the kinds of people he was surrounded with. But despite the cruelty, he does have a side that's unfortunately human, and therefore feels. He loved his wife, despite what people say, and he loves his son, despite what he's done to him. ..He really likes throwing paperweights at people who bother him in his lab. Even the president's not an exception.
a_hollow_heart on August 22nd, 2006 05:38 pm (UTC)
There is no one left alive who really remembers Xiaozhi Hojo as a teenager; even if they're old enough, inevitably it's someone he didn't know until years later. And his childhood is something he keeps as obsessively secret as most of his research. The truth is, of course, that he really doesn't want anyone to realise that he was once a very frightened, traumatised boy.

Unsurprisingly, considering his name and exotic appearance, Xiaozhi was born in Wutai. At the time of his youth, Midgar was still a developing city, and the ShinRa were its aristocracy. The wars, then, were still in development, becoming harsher and more taxing with the passing of each year. --No one on the mainland had ever even seen a Wutaiian, and the old-fashioned and honour-bound people were severely untrusting of outside influence.

Xiaozhi, however, was different. Raised an orphan, the ward of the city, he began to show signs of genius early in life. He wondered, and mysticism didn't satisfy him; he was, quite frankly, a bit of an oddity. By the time he'd turned thirteen, the independent boy was readying himself to leave his home. He had heard of the clockwork-city Midgar, and its dedication to science, and began to make his way there. He didn't speak the language, of course, and he had never been off the island, so it was difficult going. --Small, ill, and defiant, he attracted a great deal of unwanted attention from rogues and highwaymen, and learned quickly when to hide and when to fight back and when to run.

He arrived in Midgar a month later.

In later years, he would liken his meeting with Geoffrey Gast as something akin to fate, but in truth, it was purely luck. Stuck on the street because he had no way of paying an inn, cold and hungry and exhausted, with nothing but his appearance and the clothes on his back to his name, it was a miracle the older scientist even noticed him, much less stopped. But he did, and for some reason picked him up off the street and took him home with him.

Not six months later, Xiaozhi was introduced to Geoffrey's colleagues as his lab assistant. And though there were rumours as to their relationship, both remained stubbornly close-mouthed about the issue. Rumours abounded as the years went on, and it wasn't long before Xiaozhi was Gast's partner, and a scientist in his own right---the youngest in known history, no doubt.

From there, they say, it is history.

After the Meteor Crisis, no one truly knows what happened to Doctor Xiaozhi Hojo---only that he was supposedly killed. He certainly disappeared for a time. But now he's back, and looking not a day over twenty-five. It's certain that Jenova is involved in his reappearance, but he's not talking about that, either. ..What an asshole.

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a_hollow_heart on August 25th, 2006 06:25 pm (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Exxie
Main Livejournal: lunaticthirteen
AIM Screen Name: pretty like sin
Character for which you are applying: Jenova
Character Livejournal: xx_geostigmata
Character's personality/history: Ultimately, Jenova is a mother, and like most mothers, she wants to protect her children---namely, those infected with her cells. Sephiroth and the three brothers have been especially precious to her. Alien, she has feelings that cannot be compared to human emotion, and her desires for her family are not like human desires. She has, however, been a part of the planet long enough to grow more human than she likes to admit. --On the one hand, she wants her new world in the palm of her hand, to do with what she likes, and so that she can never be harmed again. But on the other hand, she wants to nurture and care for her new children--humans--and watch them evolve and change.. hopefully in her image.

To humans, she seems cruel, but in her reasoning, she's only taking her rightful place as a supreme mother and queen---after all, she's a higher being.

She is viciously loving; willing to punish or even kill when she deems it necessary. To her, Xiaozhi is her pet, her toy, and she adores him as such.

a_hollow_heart on August 25th, 2006 06:25 pm (UTC)

It is known that Jenova is a lifeform from another planet, but there is little knowledge other than that available about her.

The truth is that her planet was destroyed---that much seems obvious from her adoption of Gaia. At one time, she had a family, but they were killed with the rest of her people. The only survivor, hurtling through space in a cryogenically frozen state, it seemed as if it would continue on forever; she, a living monument to her people.

But it didn't; she was pulled into Gaia's atmosphere, and found herself surrounded by aliens--Cetra. A primitive people, she quickly learned their ways and immersed herself in their culture. Planet-worshippers, she showed them her skill in boosting evolution, in creation and destruction.

She became, to them, a queen. A goddess. And she reigned for decades, until the Cetra decided that she had too much power over the Planet and Lifestream--in an uprising, they wounded her and buried her alive in the crater her landing caused. For centuries, she slept, maimed and in terrible agony, trying to heal herself. And then, fate truly intervened, and she was discovered by scientists.

She found her advocate. Xiaozhi Hojo was a youth who had been traumatised, broken--she took him, shattered him, and reformed him the way she wanted him to be. Unable to truly die, she disappeared time and again, faking her death to recover and to try to heal her children.

Recently, she took on a human form so that she wouldn't have to hide; she also brought her Xiaozhi back, infected to an extreme degree with her cells so that he couldn't age again. --He has little freedom left; death is no longer an option for either of them.
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Jaden Sloanjaden_sloan on August 30th, 2006 07:28 am (UTC)
Main Livejournal: evilwildlex
AIM Screen Name:Katana Maid
Character for which you are applying:An OC, Jaden Sloan
Character Livejournal: jaden_sloan
Character's affliation: Technically the WRO, but he's too young to be an actual employee.

Character's personality/history:

More or less, Jaden is a normal eleven year old boy. He enjoys playing sports, avoids schoolwork like the plague, and would never admit it, but is a total mama's boy. Generally, he's a fairly nice and active kid. His natural gifts occasionally make him feel out of place amongst his peers, but he has a natural charisma that, combined with his extroversion, has still left him with several friends.

He's got a rather nasty temper, but does his best to suppress this through various means - walking away, taking a few deep breaths and counting to ten, etc. Jaden knows that he's stronger than other kids, and understands that this means he needs to have better restraint. He's actually fairly mature for his age, though he does have his childish moments, just like any other kid. Just recently, he has progressed into the early developmental stages of puberty, so with that has come the astounding and somewhat awkward realization that Not All Girls Other Than Mom Are Gross.

Jaden is a fairly optimistic boy. He believes in the work his mother is doing within the World Recovery Organization, and when he's a little older, would like to help them in their progress. He eventually hopes to become a professional athlete, after the world is fixed, of course.

Jaden Sloanjaden_sloan on August 30th, 2006 07:29 am (UTC)
part 2
(OOC note: backstory focuses more on his origins than his own experiences, but he IS just a kid and hasn't had the chance to accomplish anything major yet)

Though he was raised as a normal child, Jaden's beginnings are far from anything resembling normal. With the huge success of the SOLDIER project, and Sephiroth as its crowning jewel, at one point it was theorized that perhaps there were so many failed projects because only a select few possessed the right DNA. It was also theorized that directly cloning Sephiroth might be a good idea. Jaden is the result of that theory, grown in a Shinra lab until his body had matured to that of a three year old's.

The project was yanked when Sephiroth lost it in Nibelheim, but the boy's life was spared as the result of a clever and compassionate woman named Kathleen Sloan, who worked in the Science Department. She submitted a well-written proposal about behavioural conditioning, complete with the theory that no matter how unusual the child, if he was brought up in a normal and stable atmosphere, he would be a normal and stable adult. Her project was approved, and she was given custody of the boy.

Until Jaden was old enough to attend school, Kathleen worked primarily from home. He caught up quickly with basic language skills, and it wasn't long before his unnatural strength showed up. Though it shocked her, Kathleen found herself settling into the role of a mother quite well, and she began focusing on giving the boy the healthiest upbringing she could offer, not only for the sake of her experiment, but also out of love.

Jaden did reasonably well in school, excelling in athletics especially. Before he started school, his mother got in the practice of dying his hair blonde. He didn't quite understand it, nor did he understand the point of the psychiatric evaluations he got once a year, but it didn't bother him too much. After all, there were more important things to worry about, like playing with friends, helping his mom around the house, and getting out of schoolwork and haircuts whenever the opportunity arose.

The realization that his mother looked nothing like him, and that he was much stronger than other children made Jaden curious, but the only explanation he ever received from his mother was that he was adopted, and she didn't know his parents.

When the World Recovery Organization was formed, Jaden's mother was one of the first to submit her resignation to Shinra, in favour of setting a good example for her son, and to make a difference in the world. Being a child, Jaden couldn't offer much help, but his considerable physical strength (ie. he's roughly as strong as a normal athletic adult human male) has enabled him to help with some of the manual labour involved.
part 3 - jaden_sloan on August 30th, 2006 07:29 am (UTC) (Expand)
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Orange: Infinitycolorboxes on September 3rd, 2006 07:13 pm (UTC)
Is it possible to ask to reserve Aeris?

I apologize is this is not the correct place to ask. >.< I didn't see anyone else asking for reserves here so..
Phoenixdetefabula on September 3rd, 2006 08:03 pm (UTC)
Absolutely! I shall reserve her for you!
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xx_geostigmata on September 5th, 2006 12:53 am (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Exxie
Main Livejournal: lunaticthirteen
AIM Screen Name: pretty like sin
Character for which you are applying: OC - Mikomi
Character Livejournal:
Character's personality/history: [Sorry, skimped on the personality.. I suck.]
Mikomi is.. gentle. Sweet-natured, friendly.. though a bit sarcastic thanks to being raised around Turks and SOLDIERs. He's remarkably well-adjusted for being the child of an alien with a serious god-complex, and has no designs on the world. He likes books, and summons, and gardening. ..Which, granted, gardening is difficult in a place like Midgar (even now), but he manages somehow.

xx_geostigmata on September 5th, 2006 12:53 am (UTC)
While Mikomi was born with white hair and slitted eyes, he is not-—I repeat, not-—a clone of Sephiroth. He is also not genetically engineered, though he has undergone (consentual) Mako-infused treatments. These were done mostly to enhance his already well-honed fighting skills, as well as to give him some form of control over his rather curious transformational* abilities.

No one really remembers when he showed up in Midgar, but most people's earliest memories of him have him seated in Hojo's chair in his laboratory, no more than a child, scrawling with crayons on the backs of meticulously-taken notes. —-Curious, considering Hojo's general distaste for children, but then, most assume that his tolerance was because they were somehow related.

Despite this assumption, the boy seemed to take care of himself for the most part, and was rarely acknowledged by the absent-minded doctor save for a pat on the head in passing, or a few words to send Mikomi scuttling off on some errand or other.

The distant treatment didn't seem to bother the young man-—in fact, as he grew older and began exhibiting an aptitude for the martial arts and materia-manipulation, he seemed to take it upon himself to protect the scientist from any enemy that would harm him. By the time he was ten, he was already begging to be made 'better' like the SOLDIERs he'd seen and heard so much about. And while Hojo seemed reluctant, he eventually gave in to Mikomi and performed the treatments. -—Several more were performed in quick succession, and then when it was disovered that the youth could control his transformations better because of them, further infusions were made.

Because of the Mako-glow of his eyes, now—-yellow, not green-—and because of his height and appearance, many people mistake him for Sephiroth or one of the brothers at first glance (and only at first glance). —-Mikomi doesn't seem to mind, though; after all, if people think it's a dangerous criminal looking out for Hojo, the scientist will be less of a target.

The truth is that Mikomi is indeed related to Hojo---and to Jenova.

Desperate and lonely, missing her own people and children, Jenova decided years ago that she wanted a child borne of her own body. And who would be a better sire for that child than her pet scientist?

It was a long and difficult pregnancy; her people and humans were little compatible. But Mikomi was born surprisingly healthy. Paranoia quickly took over, though. She still hasn't revealed the boy's parentage to him, but it's obvious that he knows. After all, he looks like his mother, with the white hair, slitted, animal eyes, and his white skin has a blue tone to it. ..He pretends for his parents' sake that he's still naive.

It's also never exactly occurred to him that he.. sort of has brothers. Sort of. If Sephiroth is even the doctor's----the doctor certainly hasn't said anything on the matter.

* Mikomi's transformation is nothing as exciting or dramatic as.. say, Vincent Valentine's. Not by any means. But.. well, he is half-alien, and sometimes that becomes painfully apparent. Randomly, his skin changes from blue-tinted white to mottled blue and violent, covered in soft, opalescent scales. When this happens, his iris also takes over his eyes, leaving no visible white, and change from amber to the same odd, blue/green/violet that makes his mother's gaze so frightening. --His teeth elongate, as well as his tongue, and his limbs lengthen, hands especially growing larger, longer, with thrice-jointed fingers tipped in lethal-looking claws. Wings also sprout, though they're not recognisably angelic or demonic. Instead, they're fleshy, thin and membranous, looking ripped and torn.

iii. - xx_geostigmata on September 5th, 2006 12:54 am (UTC) (Expand)
iv. - xx_geostigmata on September 5th, 2006 12:54 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: iv. - detefabula on September 5th, 2006 01:10 am (UTC) (Expand)
hellsguns on September 5th, 2006 03:35 am (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Jo
Main Livejournal: Sephirajo
AIM Screen Name: KenshinBabe and/or ZombieLawnMower
Character for which you are applying: Beatrice 'Trixy' Hellmann (an OC)
Character Livejournal: hellsguns
Character's personality/history:
Beatrice Hellmann has, for as long as she can remember, loved guns and hated her name. She insists that people call her 'Trixy' and has always been an outgoing tom-boy. Since she was young she's been good with guns, and something of a show-off when it comes to shooting and trick shooting.

She joined SOLIDER when she was a young woman and enjoyed her work. Though far from the top, she wasn't exactly sitting in the bottom ranks either. A ranged weapons specialist, Trixy is good with everything from pistols to sniper rifles and just about every type of gun in-between.

Seven years ago, a couple years after joining Solider, Trixy gave birth to a son. Though she knows who the father is, she never told anyone, and to this day hasn't said a word as to who it was. As such, her son went by her surname. Caleb Hellmann was the center of Trixy's world. And seemed to be his mother's polar opposite. Where Trixy was always healthy and full of life, Caleb was a child who was often in bed with some illness or another. Despite that, he often said he wanted to be 'just like mom.'

Of course, the world doesn't always work out for the best. Caleb was one of the many children to come down with Geostigma. Trixy was faced with a situation she couldn't shoot full of holes or fight head on. Despite help from her friend, Kathleen, Caleb grew weaker and weaker, and died rather quickly of the illness, his frail body unable to fight it off for long. He was six when he died.

Though devastated by the loss, Trixy kept going on the best she could. In her small apartment, Caleb's room is a shrine to his existence, filled with photos, stuffed toys, even his clothing, none of which she has been able to pack away or get rid of.

Trixy threw herself into her work; she joined the WRO and uses that as an outlet for her grief. Though on the outside she's still as boisterous and loud as ever, Trixy also carries with her a good deal of grief. She spends most of her free time either at her son's grave, or just sitting in his room. Even though a year has passed, she still hasn't been able to fully let go of the grief she had, or the idea that maybe she didn't do everything she could've to help her son get better.

Trixy has long dark hair and brown eyes. She carries herself like someone who knows exactly what they're doing and is never without at least one gun.

((For a 'PB' for Trixy, I'm using Misato from NGE.))
Character's affiliation: WRO
A Sample Entry:

Trixy stood over the grave. After a year, the grass had grown over it, and it looked just like all the other graves in the cemetery. Of course, to her, it *wasn't* like all the others.

This was her son's grave, and she still came here at least twice a week. The weather didn't matter, it could be raining chunks of materia the size of cars and she'd still come. Kneeling down, she placed a stuffed toy by the grave stone, "Look Caleb, Mom brought you a present." The little moogle toy stared up at her with beaded eyes, "It matches the one I got you for your birthday last year, doesn't it?"

She paused, she had to, she was crying. "Look, I know I haven't been by as much lately, but Mom's been really busy. I promise that I'll be by again soon. So you'll just have to hang tight, okay?"

Wiping her eyes she stood up, "I love you, okay? I promise, I'll be back soon, but I still got a lot of work to do. Next time I'm here, I'll tell you all about it, promise."

She wondered, on some level, if it made her crazy that she could almost hear him say, with a smile, "Okay, Mom. Love you!"

Some things, she reasoned, a parent shouldn't have to go through...
Phoenixdetefabula on September 5th, 2006 10:05 am (UTC)
Great application! Absolutely approved! Welcome to the group. ^_^
(no subject) - hellsguns on September 5th, 2006 11:40 am (UTC) (Expand)
Tifa Lockhartxpremium_heartx on September 9th, 2006 04:36 pm (UTC)
Tifa application
Name/Nickname: Nicole/Mochi
Main Livejournal: superforeigner
AIM Screen Name: TheNinjaCowgirls

Character for which you are applying: Tifa Lockhart
Character Livejournal: xpremium_heartx
Character's affiliation: None.
Character's personality/history:

Tifa is a friendly lady, easy to get along with with a generally pleasant disposition. Always optimistic, Tifa is often the one to give encouragement to her friends when they've lost their motivation. She is industrious, determined, and hardworking, evidenced by the fact that she was the manager of both the Seventh Heaven that had been located in Sector Seven, as well as the new establishment in Edge.

However, her easygoing attitude isn't all that there is to her personality; Tifa is willing and able to mop the floor with almost anyone who tries to harm those people that are important to her. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her friends, especially after having lost so many loved ones in the destruction of Nibelheim.

Though she has a very cheerful personality, sometimes the smiles are a mask to cover all of the emotional turmoil that Tifa experiences. She is haunted by her past. The death of her family, the leveling of Nibelheim, as well as her involvement with AVALANCHE (which resulted in many deaths), weigh heavily on her mind at times. Despite this, Tifa tries to keep a positive outlook on life, and tries to help out whenever she can. She's working on moving on from her past, and is looking forward to a happy future with her family.
Tifa Lockhartxpremium_heartx on September 9th, 2006 04:46 pm (UTC)
Part II (aka. Longass history part I)
Growing up as the only child of a reasonably well-to-do family (as far as Nibelheim standards go), Tifa never lacked for the things she needed. As a young girl, she was lively and outgoing, well-liked by the other kids and those who lived in the village. While she and Cloud lived next door as children, they were never very close to each other. She discovered much later that though Cloud seemed distant, he was actually admiring her from afar.

When Tifa was eight years old, her mother passed away. In an attempt to find her mother, Tifa took a path up through the more dangerous areas of Mt. Nibel, followed by Cloud and a few of her other friends. After her friends retreated from the mountain path, Cloud remained as her only companion. Tifa fell and was hurt badly, sending her into a week-long coma, and Cloud was blamed for the injury by Tifa's father.

At the age of fourteen, Cloud left for the metropolis of Midgar to join SOLDIER in an attempt to grow stronger. Before he left, Cloud met with Tifa by the old well where she made him promise to be her hero and rescue her should she ever find herself in trouble. After his departure, Tifa began to actively listen to the news and read the papers in the hopes of finding information about Cloud. Under the training of a traveling instructor, Zangan, Tifa began to train to become stronger as well.

A few years later, Tifa heard that a few SOLDIERs were coming to Nibelheim to investigate reports of monsters caused by the possibly malfunctioning mako reactor in the mountains. Tifa signed up to guide the group through the mountains in the hopes that Cloud would be among them, but was disappointed when it was only Sephiroth and a younger black-haired SOLDIER, as well as two Shinra military police.

After Sephiroth set the entire village on fire, Tifa - along with her father, Zack, and Cloud - followed the man back up to the mako reactor. When Tifa arrived a few minutes after her father, only to find he'd been cut down moments before. Declaring her hatered for Shinra and everything associated with it, Tifa picked up the sword Sephiroth had used to kill her father and went into the reactor. Sephiroth easily overpowered her when she tried to attack him, and turned his sword on her as well.

Tifa was unconscious for the remainder of what later came to be termed the "Nibelheim Incident." Her martial arts instructor, Zangan, took Tifa from the scene just before Hojo arrived to collect Zack and Cloud for experimentation. Tifa's wounds were more than Zangan's healing magic could cure, so he took his young student to Midgar and found a doctor that would nurse her back to health. This was the beginning of Tifa's life in Midgar.
Part II (aka. Longass history part II) - xpremium_heartx on September 9th, 2006 04:49 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Part III - xpremium_heartx on September 9th, 2006 04:51 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Part III - detefabula on September 9th, 2006 04:55 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Aerith: pic#51918188cetras_rebirth on September 13th, 2006 06:45 am (UTC)
Aerith's Application Part 1.
Name/Nickname: Caitlin/Cookie =D
Main Livejournal: colorboxes
AIM Screen Name: Cookietime101
Character for which you are applying: Aeris
Character Livejournal: cetras_rebirth
Character's personality/history:

[The Personality]
Aerith is a friendly, upbeat and cheerful young woman, and often seems a rather simplistic character. She is constantly mindful of the fate of the Planet, and concerns herself with issues dealing with her heritage as the sole survivor of the Cetra.

Despite her feelings of loneliness as the last of her race, Aerith puts on a positive and optimistic front. Though she is physically weak, she displays emotional strength, especially in carrying the responsibility of saving the Planet.

Despite the dangers she has faced her whole life not only as an object of Shin-Ra's greed, but also from the dangers of growing up in the slums, she gives hope, support and encouragement to her friends. She also shows her bravery and strength when she decides to handle Sephiroth on her own.

Elmyra tells Cloud of Aerith’s stubborn determination and habit of stating what’s on her mind, and, indeed, once her mind is made up, it is hard to change it. She also tends to be a bit frank, but always tries to add joy to life and displays a stark understanding of others.

Aerith often puts on a naïve persona, but in reality, is a wise and understanding person who knows what’s going on with the Planet and its people—healing people and giving them encouragement and hope even after her death.

[The Past]
Aerith was just a flower girl from the slums, trying her best to lead a normal life despite numerous kidnapping attempts by the Turks. She retreats routinely to a local derelict church which serves as her escape from the insanity of the outside world. It is the only place where flowers are able to grow in Midgar.

One day when Aerith is in danger of being kidnapped (by a member of the Turks, Reno).The two Aerith asks a mercenary (Cloud) to be her bodyguard for the cost of one date. Though in the end is eventually captured but once again saved by Cloud and company.(AVALANCHE) Aerith then joins them in the pursuit of Sephiroth.
Aerith: Enchantedcetras_rebirth on September 13th, 2006 06:50 am (UTC)
Aerith's Application Part 2.
AVALANCHE later learns the reason for Aerith being in the Forgotten City: through her White Materia (handed down from Ifaln) Aerith was able to summon Holy, the only force capable of repelling the Ultimate Destructive Magic, Meteor, which Sephiroth called forth. However, in order to learn of this spell she needed to visit the City of the Ancients, to which she could feel herself being drawn. Though she successfully called forth Holy before her death, in order to initiate its effect Sephiroth had to be defeated, for his powerful will was holding the spell back at the heart of the Planet. Inspired by the hope Aerith had left to them, Avalanche set out to initiate a final showdown with Sephiroth, and succeeds in killing him, banishing him back to the Lifestream.

However, Holy is freed too late to function as effectively as it should, for Meteor, already summoned by Sephiroth, and set on a crash-course with the Planet, had come too near the Planet's surface. While Holy clashes with Meteor, attempting to prevent its impact, the gravity of both Meteor and the Planet pulling on the spell in opposite directions weakens it, leaving it with too little room to take effect. The Planet's Lifestream spews forth from within the planet and bands together, acting as a battering ram to push Meteor back, giving Holy enough room to properly destroy it.

[I’m not going to lie, Wikipedia helped alot on this part. >.<]

[The Present]

Aerith, of course, still remains in the Lifestream. It is said that she is something of it’s protector. That she had become one with it, and somehow able to maintain her soul. It could be her will, her heritage, or maybe it’s the slight unrest she feels.

Curious as to what was going on, Aerith began to investigate, coming to the conclusion that Sephiroth, was able to return somehow, (or that Jenova would make it so) and this could only mean trouble. Trouble for her friends, for the earth and all who inhabited it. She knew that her duty was not done.

She would have to return as well. Find Sephiroth and make sure that he no longer endangered the earth and friends she loved so dearly and Aerith knew, she could not do this alone.

A Sample Entry:
First person:

I think I managed to pick up on Zack’s hacking skills. Thank you, Zack.

I’ve done this because there is once again an important matter in our hands.
I’m not sure what’s going only, but the Earth is uneasy. I can feel it.

Something is just not right.

I hope this message reaches just one of you.

[Private: Members of Avalanche]

I’m coming..I’m coming back.

I’m sure how but there must be a way. I won’t be alive but I will be able to help
and that is something I’m quite sure of.

I am quite aware that this is a major break of the rules but I reason to believe this is important.

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Jaden Sloanjaden_sloan on September 13th, 2006 07:48 am (UTC)
OOC: Applying with Jaden's journal for his mum. ^^ Because she's in my head now and demands to be played.

Main Livejournal: evilwildlex
AIM Screen Name: Katana Maid
Character for which you are applying: Kathleen Sloan (OC)
Character Livejournal: kathleen_sloan
Character's personality/history:

Kathleen has always been a somewhat detached woman. Quiet, calm, and professional, she knows how to make small talk, but isn't terribly inclined towards forming friendships with others. In fact, most of the bonds she has with people have been formed in spite of her usual nature. She is self-aware, and was as shocked as everyone else she knew when she developed a strong maternal streak.

Though she isn't a terribly sociable person, this doesn't mean that Kathleen doesn't care about others. Far from it. She's a bit of an idealist, and believes that science can save the world. She is a problem-solver by nature, and will throw herself fully into projects that she believes are for a good cause. She's also quite logical, and tends not to over react.

Born the oldest of three, Kathleen was always the most aloof child, but also the most brilliant and ambitious. With the exception of physical education and art class, she was a straight A student throughout her years in school. It was no surprise to anyone who knew her when she landed a job in Shinra's Science Department at the age of nineteen.

Kathleen worked in the Science Department for quite a few years, but her most significant experience there involved the discovery of a small boy who had been grown from Sephiroth's DNA. When she found out that the boy was to be disposed of because Sephiroth had lost his mind in Nibelheim, she intervened and submitted a theory involving nature vs. nurture.

She thought that by giving the boy a normal lifestyle, she could prevent another Sephiroth from coming into the world, without an innocent child having to die. What Kathleen never expected was how quickly she'd become attached to the child she'd named Jaden. In just under a month, she'd grown to think of the boy as more than just her project - she thought of him as her son.

Motherhood made her more focused on problem-solving than ever, which was just as well. By that point, she'd advanced in the company enough to have a few of her own projects. However, when Reeve formed the WRO, she felt that she could do more for the world by joining him in his efforts to fix the world.

Jaden Sloanjaden_sloan on September 13th, 2006 07:49 am (UTC)
And the sample post that comes with
A Sample Entry:

Since they'd first moved, Kathleen simply hadn't found the time to unpack all of the boxes. The necessities, like dishes and clothing had been unpacked, as had some of the other more obviously useful items. What remained was the decorative things. It had been literally months, and she was only getting to them now. But such was the life of a busy woman. In particular, one who had a demanding career and who was a single mother.

This particular box consisted of various arts and crafts Jaden had made when he was younger. She wasn't sure if he knew it, but Kathleen had kept every single thing he'd ever made her. There wasn't enough space to display it all, but she had never thrown anything out.

She carefully took everything out of the box, considering which things to put up and which to simply keep in the box of memories. Blue eyes fell on one particular picture...that one would be kept in her armoire, where she would see it every morning.


Kathleen sat at her desk, making notes on Jaden's progress. She had to admit to being impressed with him. He had spent his life being grown in what was essentially an incubator, and after only three weeks, he'd learned to walk (albeit clumsily, but that would change with time) and some very simple speech. Most importantly, he was well on the way to being potty trained, though she imagined the accidents would happen for at least another month.

He was watching a movie at the moment. She'd taken care to find him some child-appropriate educational movies, and he watched them with more rapt attention than she believed any three year old was capable of.

"Oh! Oh!" he said excitedly. Unable to suppress her curiosity, she came over and sat beside him, then looked at the screen to see what had produced such a reaction. It was a little boy, being held by his mother. To her surprise, the silver-haired child wrapped his tiny arms around her and rested his head against her body. "Kathleen-mom," he said in a very conclusive tone.

The next day, when she allowed him the paint he seemed so interested in, he presented her with a picture that consisted of colorful tiny handprints on the large piece of paper she'd given him. Much like the little boy in the movie had given his mother, with Jaden's own artistic interpretation. At this point, Kathleen couldn't help but smile at the boy's efforts...and more importantly, his conclusions. She also couldn't help but conclude he was right.

"Thank you, Jaden. And you don't have to call me Kathleen-mom. Just mom or mommy is fine."
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planetwhisperer on September 28th, 2006 05:04 am (UTC)
OC Application: Lydéa Abendroth
Name/Nickname: Nicole/Mochi
Main Livejournal: superforeigner
AIM Screen Name: TheNinjaCowgirls

Character for which you are applying: Lydéa Abendroth (OC)
Character Livejournal: planetwhisperer
Character's affiliation: None.

Character's personality/history:

Lydéa has been referred to as "absentminded," "sort of weird," "kinda ditsy," and "absolutely brilliant," among other things. At the age of seventeen, Lydéa has a tendency to always seem preoccupied, staring out into space for long periods of time before snapping to attention. Oftentimes she'll make up for zoning out by overcompensating and focusing with unnerving intensity on the person she's speaking with or whatever object she was dealing with.

The reason she seems so 'spaced out' most of the time is due to the fact that she is literally listening to the voice of the Planet. Lydéa is not a true Cetra; however, since all humans are descended from the race of Ancients, it stands to reason that the power to communicate with the Planet would be a latent ability in all people if properly practiced. She enjoys listening to the Planet, often pausing in the middle of a conversation or activity to hear what it has to say.

Despite her unique ability, Lydéa doesn't think of herself as anything special. Her main occupation is actually the breeding and raising of chocobos. This is her main areas of expertise. Lydéa has a love for the birds, and has since she was a small child. She runs a selective breeding program and has developed many new breeds and colors of chocobo, and is even working on creating a "toy-sized" chocobo breed to be kept as indoor pets.

And, while on some days the girl has difficulty recalling what she's eaten for breakfast that same morning, she can easily give the names, genders, colors, and average miles-per-hour of every chocobo she's ever owned. She also likes to pretend she is able to speak with her chocobos. Many people believe she can speak with them, but don't be fooled. That is not one of her abilities. However, Lydéa has learned the body language and temperaments of the animals so well that it does seem like she's able to communicate intelligibly with them.
planetwhisperer on September 28th, 2006 05:09 am (UTC)
Part II (History)
Lydéa was born in Cosmo Canyon to Elodia Abendroth (an archaeologist from Kalm), and a native shaman named Devdas. Thanks to her father's influence, Lydéa learned about the Lifestream and the Planet's spirit energy at a very early age. She would sometimes even hold one-sided conversations with the Planet, as other children would do with an imaginary friend. It came as something of a surprise to her when the Planet actually started talking back. Thus began her commune with Gaia.

She was given her first chocobo at the age of five. That bird was fairly average all around: yellow, a hen, 30 mph tops. She was named Daisy. Daisy was a fairly young bird (considering chocobos can live up to an average of 40 years), and the two were virtually inseparable henceforth. She began breeding her chocobo at the age of nine (with the help of her parents). One of her main interests was to see how different she could make her chocobo look from the average; this was the beginning of her selective breeding program.

During the time when Meteor was threatening the planet, Lydéa was almost always in a state of constant agitation due to the emotional state of the Planet's energy. This only subsided after the Lifestream destroyed Meteor. During that time, Lydéa saw Cloud's party coming through Cosmo Canyon. She didn't get a chance to meet them, however, but heard about their exploits in subsequent months.

When he returned to the canyon to stay, Lydéa befriended Nanaki, and enjoyed listening to him tell stories about his adventures with Cloud and the others. She fancied that it might be interesting to meet the people from those stories someday. Not too many years after, Nanaki traveled back to Edge briefly to help his old companions when the appearance of the Sephiroth clones became known, leaving an anxious Lydéa behind. She was very glad when Nanaki returned again, bringing news of the disappearance of the Geostigma plague and the defeat of Sephiroth.

More recently, Lydéa had felt a sense of disquiet from the Planet, and promptings to travel in the direction of Midgar. So, bidding goodbye to her parents, she loaded her supplies on the backs of a few of her favorite chocobos and headed out for the old city.
Part III - planetwhisperer on September 28th, 2006 05:13 am (UTC) (Expand)
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a_hollow_heart on September 28th, 2006 04:02 pm (UTC)
Name/Nickname: Exxie
Main Livejournal: lunaticthirteen
AIM Screen Name: xx rapturously
Character for which you are applying: I think he's like.. Character D or something. Anyway, he's from Before Crisis, and he's the "Two Guns" male who used to be a bodyguard of.. oh hell, now I'm getting into his history. I call him Autumn Thursday. ..No, seriously. I'll get to why.
Character Livejournal: redlight_sonata
Character's personality/history: Despite his profession, Thursday is a good-natured sort of guy. He's easy to get along with, easy to like, easy to talk to. And while he can be violent and vicious, he's only that way on a job. He tends to separate his emotions from his work, and is like a completely different person when he's on a mission. Older and wiser, now, he's a bit unorthodox in his methods, but gets a job done efficiently and quietly.

Raised in the slums, he's highly uneducated, and has a bitch of a time spelling. Spell-check is his friend, when he can be arsed to use it. He's very laid-back about his lack of 'book-learning', and doesn't mind making fun of himself for being 'stupid'. He knows his strengths lie in other areas, and he doesn't let it bother him when he doesn't know something that seems common knowledge. --He lets things roll over him like water off a duck's back.

Raised in the HoneyBee Inn, and therefore around women, Thursday has a serious amount of respect for them and the things they can do. He treats every female like a lady, and is old-fashioned and charming in his manners toward them. --He's also a bit intimidated by them, but that's something he doesn't really talk about.

Surprisingly, he also really enjoys music, and plays both the guitar and violin; no one really knows about his musical habits, though.

Thursday has no idea who his parents were--he suspects his mother was one of the girls from the HoneyBee Inn. He doesn't know when he was born, or what name, if any, his parents might have given him. He doesn't know where he comes from, he has no idea if he has siblings, and he's not entirely positive he's even human (..that was a joke. Haha?). What he does know is that he was discovered on the porch of the HoneyBee as an infant, taken in and raised by the girls. He's fairly certain that Don Corneo would have discarded him, but it pleased his workers to have a child they could dote on.

So. Thursday was named for the season (Autumn) and day (Thursday) he was 'adopted'. As a child, he ran errands for the Don and his bodyguards, and helped the girls before and after appointments. He learned the ins and outs of the slums with a great deal of natural cleverness. --He quickly picked up how to steal, and how to lie, and he's definitely not afraid to do either. He made a good deal of money for the Don with his deft fingers; probably another reason the older man kept him around.

As he grew, his education, always spotty to begin with, began to taper off. And even he knew that without a decent grasp of the things other teens his age knew, there wasn't much hope for him to get above the slums. So he became one of the Don's bodyguards, and a bouncer at the Inn. With his slender, slinking grace, customers didn't think anything of him---at least, not until he was tossing them out on their asses for misbehaving.

When he was fourteen, he got into a fight with a thug who was beating up on one of the girls, and though he eventually won, it cost him his right eye in the process. --The lid and the area around it is rather badly scarred, so he's kept his hair over it since then. Needless to say, it was a bit of a fight learning how to wield a gun with his depth perception off so badly, but he managed with the same doglike tenacity that he did everything worth his attention.

Eighteen when he first joined the Turks, Thursday's unusual background and deviant-like behaviour made it difficult for him to work with the others and to complete missions. With time, however, he began to grow used to his comrades, and now, at twenty-seven, he can be considered a veteran. Because of his laid-back attitude and long-suffering patience, he often takes on the duty of training new recruits.
a_hollow_heart on September 28th, 2006 04:02 pm (UTC)
Note: Thursday has what can be considered the Gaian equivalent of a Cockney accent. He also chain-smokes.
A Sample Entry: Goddamn spell-check. Always fucking gets 'goddamn'. What the shite, yeah? It's a word. And yeah, before anyone asks, I hit spell-check about every ten words.

Nosy pricks.

So I'm knackered. Just came back from some bullshite job in the city; checked on the new HoneyBee while I was there. Everyone was glad to see me, but goddamn, Angel was in a nark. I suspect it's cause of that guy that's been bugging her. I told her she could just give me a ring and I'd take care of the bastard, but she don't want no trouble. I swear to fucking gods. Women.

You know spell-check don't like 'nark', neither? Like it aint never seen a decent word before. Dumb computer shite.

Oi! So what's this I hear about Ye Ol' Great General coming back, eh? When did the Lifestream decide it was going to vomit up dead people? Aint that some shite.
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Can I reserve Elena?
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Absolutely! ^_^
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Absolutely! I'll reserve them for you right now!
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